Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's been a loooong two months...

I think my last posting was clear back in December, before Christmas even and there are several reasons for that. First, I was having some health issues right after Christmas and to be truthful...writing was the last thing I wanted to do. Thinking was a problem in itself! Those have since (somewhat!) cleared up, or at least I'm working on the clearing up, but then I started having computer problems...uggg!! Once I got on high speed internet I downloaded the Google chrome and loved it until just about a month ago when it started acting up. Over the last couple of weeks it has done nothing but crash continually and not even load. So, I uninstalled it, done a complete computer clean up and reinstalled...same thing. So I went back to Firefox...which doesn't want to access half of the web pages I go to. I found I couldn't do my online bill pay or get to blogger at all through it, so back to IE I have went. I'm still getting a few error messages trying use my Google products through IE, but at this point I don't know what else to do. I've read and tried just about everything that was suggested and nothing seems to work, so don't know if a Microsoft update has sent everything awry or what!

But I realized once I was able to access my blog again that I had snowflakes falling in my background. Needless to say there are snowflakes falling outside my window as well, but it is March dangit! And I'm NOT going to look at snowflakes in both places!! :) Not being well versed in all the makings of blog, and having been gone from it for a couple months, naturally I had to "re-learn" everything again, which included trying to figure out WHERE those blasted snowflakes were encrypted and how to get rid of them...once again....arrrrggghhh!!

The good thing to all of this is I happened onto a new template (as you can see!) that has hummingbirds as the background and I love it! I've been a feeder of hummingbirds for many years, all started from watching my sister-in-law Shirley feed the hundreds she has at her house every year. Like her, I watch closely, and look forward to seeing my "scout" show up somewhere toward the middle to end of April and I really miss that day in late September when they decide to head back out.

With the winter we've had here on the 40 this year I will definitely be looking forward to seeing the hummers return...right now, I'd be glad to see 40 degrees again!! It's been a long, and bitter cold winter and this morning we've woke up to a continuing of that! It may be the second day of March, but it appears more like the early part of January....brrrr!! Below zero temperatures and windchills in the negative 20's has not made for a pleasant winter this year and we're all just.....well....tired of it!!

With the long hard winter though, I have accumulated a few new things I've learned, am learning, or just trying them out to see whether I like them or not!!! No doubt I'll be posting about some of those things a little later on, but for right now, I'm just glad to be back to my blog where at least it looks like Spring has arrived. And with that thought...I'm headed back to the kitchen to bake something so I can get warm!! :)


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