Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First time for everything...right?

Sooo...some friends of mine have suggested I needed to start a blog. I follow a few blogs when time permits, but really never quite understood what the idea behind a blog was. But, there's a first time for everything...right? And here I am starting out a new adventure without a clue to what I'm really supposed to be doing.

If you come to follow my blogs, you'll know that I'm a genetic rambler...I blame it on the Irish great grandparents, this ability to "talk" when there may not always be a reason to do so, although it was not my mother (whose side the Irish comes from) that did the talking in our family, it was my dad! There were five of us kids and short of my older sister, we all seemed to be blessed with the gift to gab!

I will warn you in advance though...if you're looking for something specific or something dolled up and fashionable, you won't find it here. This is just a place I intend to go when I have something to share, be it a recipe, a grandchild's accomplishment, or just my own walk down memory lane. I've been known to be opinionated, and not afraid to say so....there's a good chance you may find a few of those here as well! For the most part I'll be just another blogger out in here cyber space that thinks you might want to hear what I have to say and if you do, that's GREAT! You might even come to like what I share!

Here's to happy blogging,

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