Thursday, August 29, 2013

To blog or not to blog...THAT is the question!

I've tried to advance a little farther into this world of blogging and all I can say is...OH MY!! When I told you in my first post I really didn't know what all this stuff was about, I meant that, and after perusing several Google searches these last few evenings I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into! I've read until my eyeballs hurt...literally! I'm still trying to decipher linking, gadgets, widgets, and buttons. Cyber etiquette (to which I'm not really sure such a thing exists!), followers and circles, to plus or not to plus, use emails or feeds. As I'm reading I'm realizing, it takes a strong constitution to blab...uhhh, I mean blog. Add to that is the idea there are people out there who actually make a living from doing!

No doubt my amazement comes mostly from the fact that I live in an area that seems more removed from the high tech world that exists out there, or maybe I'm the one who is more removed, but down here on the forty we're more into figuring out where to find those morels come spring, growing a garden and canning the excess, or just enjoying a day out in the yard, so when I venture out into the real world I sometimes get hit with culture shock. Oh sure, we have our Facebooks, My Space, and occasional Tweets; cell phones and WiFi, and we can Pinterest with the best of them, but a great deal of our time is just spent trying to raise the kids, get to our jobs, and surviving the economy.

I don't plan to make it big blogging, I have no desire to become "famous" through the internet, nor do I have plans to give up my day job anytime soon, but neither would I be adverse to trying out various products to know, like a new BMW let's say! I don't really expect to find too many takers on that idea though, which is probably just as well. That new BMW probably couldn't pull a camper nor would it look good setting next to the 8N Ford!



  1. I love to read your posts! You have a wonderful gift for blab...oops! I mean blog!

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