Monday, August 26, 2013

Here's your sign!!

Our youngest daughter lives down the drive and across the road from our place and for some reason everyone who gets lost on this road ends up at her house. She doesn't like it! Both of us actually live at the end of two miles of gravel road and back in the day, when my grandparents lived here, they were the ONLY ones for this last mile. When my parents moved here in the early '60's they had roughly 340 acres that began at the dead end to their house. Unfortunately progress, the sale of land, and those escaping the city has opened up the area to all types and kinds of traffic.

The county road still dead ends at our house, but between our drive and the daughter's drive is another private drive that leads back to a couple other homes and it's always their traffic that seemed to get lost. Why that is we're not really sure because directions should be pretty straightforward..."when you get to the top of the hill turn left and go through the gate"'s not hard to explain and shouldn't be hard to follow because you can see the gate plain as day, but they will turn down the daughter's drive every time and rather than pull up to her house and ask, they make the circle and then proceed to follow the drive back to her barn....and then...they set there!

Now I don't mean to sound un-neighborly, but one particular family, that everyone always seems to be looking for, has kind of become the bane to our existence, to us and everyone else along this two mile stretch. The "need for speed and in-attention" seems to be their call words and have on many occasions brought out the in-grained redneck-ness those of us who live in the country possess!! And it's not that we haven't tried to call attention to the problem in a more friendly and pleasant manner, they've just chosen to ignore those previous encounters.

But rather than paint the visitors with the same brush the daughter has decided she wants to paint a sign and put it at the beginning of her drive that plainly states who lives there, in the hopes that those who are visiting and somehow miss the gate, will see the sign and have the ability to read!! I don't know that it will help and I shudder at the thought of the outcome once the sign is in place and they are STILL driving back to her barn, but a sign she wants and a sign we are attempting to make. If it turns out good I'll post a picture...if it turns out bad? Well, perhaps I'll post a link to one that does look good!  

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