Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Headbands and Tutus

I have a granddaughter...well, actually I have three, but the youngest one is all about tutus and headbands! Last night while browsing through Pinterest I seen a really cute superhero outfit link that I followed to a site that not only offers crocheted headbands, but a tute on how to make a tutu USING the said headbands. Well, what's a Ga to do but order some of those headbands! Right now they are running a sale so I loaded up with visions in my head of making one little girl very happy with a couple of new tutu dresses! 

This week she'll be having super hero day at school and how I wish I would have found this site ahead of time because the first link was all about making a super hero costume and it was adorable made from the large crocheted headband and tulle. Alas, the poor granddaughter will be wearing a pre-made costume ordered from Amazon, but it is pink so she'll be happy! 

If you have a little girl, a lot of little girls, or just know one that loves tutus and/or headbands I think you need to check out The Hair Bow Company at this link here! If you've bought any of these style headbands at Walmart you know they're $1.97 each...theirs are on sale for .49!! Shipping was only $5 for my area.

And if you want to see the pic on the super hero outfit made from one of these head bands you can find it through this link. There's a multitude of places to order the tulle spools in various colors and prices. I have not placed an order through here, but browsing did bring me to this Etsy shop, Bailey's Blossoms that I will be checking out further because of her low prices. It's time to start creating!!

P.S  I'll be posting a pic of my own creations after my headbands arrive! 

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