Thursday, September 5, 2013

Super Ga to the rescue!

When I got home from work this afternoon my phone rang about 15 mins. into my set down was our oldest grandson and he had a problem! The next day at school was Superhero Day (yep! he goes to the same school as the granddaughter!) and he didn't have anything to wear..."Ga could you make me something?" Once again, what's a Ga to do? Well, first you kick his mother for not having him call you sooner, but only gently because she is your daughter-in-law after all! Then you hang up the phone, race up the stairs and start going through the material tote to see if there is ANYTHING even remotely close in that pile that will work for a superhero! As you're wracking your brain to even think of who or what a superhero looks like you come across a piece of ugly green "stuff" that you bought umpteen years ago on clearance and never tossed out because you told yourself one day you just might use it!!  Then it's back down the stairs and onto Google for a mask template (at this point you're not even going to try and draw one out yourself), and on the first click you find just what you're looking for. Back up those stairs (talk about a cardio workout!) and tossing felt pieces right and left to find two colors that go together and match that horrid green material! 15 mins. later (no kidding!!) that puppy is cut out and stitched! It's about this time you see the grandkids pull up and head for the house.

As they tromp up the stairs you're standing there patting yourself on the back for this impromptu arrangement you've got going and then you hear it..."we can't wear a mask". WHAT? Who has superhero day and not allow masks, or makeup, or hardly anything that would make you LOOK like a superhero?!! Okay, okay, so no mask, but the grandson liked it and wanted to keep it so his mom says maybe he could just wear it while he's on the bus. Then the grandson pipes up that maybe he could just wear it on the front of his cape. Light bulb moment! I'll use the mask as the "clasp" to hold the cape on!

So off they all head to soccer practice and Ga heads back to the material, scissors, and machines. I cut out a front and back, serged the three edges, and turn it right side out. Now mind you I'm working for speed here not perfection, so after I turn it all right side out and go to whip stitch the opening closed I realise I've got a leeettle bit more material on one side than on the other...can we tucks?!!

The rest of my time went fairly smooth, I gathered the neck edge and then stitched it down to hold the gathers, put some velcro on the mask and the cape edges to hold it closed and then remembered every superhero has a big letter on the back. Well, not really knowing whether this was to be the Green Lantern or the Green Hornet I decided to go with an "H"...after all the grandson's last name starts with an "H" so Hornet, Haggerman, it all works.

 I'm happy to report the cape was finished by the time they got back from practice to pick it up. The grandson was happy, the daughter-in-law was happy, and if I held my head just slightly to one side I never noticed that the "H" wasn't perfectly straight and centered, or that the cape tends to hang a little to the left, so I was happy too!

I know a day is coming when Ga's super powers of "all knowing- all doing" will come to an end, but right now I'll bask in the glory that my grandkids know they can still call their Ga to make things happen. That cape is nowhere near perfect and neither is their Ga, but for now, both are close enough to being for the grandson!

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